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Underwater digital photos at sharks cove of rock walking, cave diving, and animal life including dolphins, turtles, eels, sharks, manta rays, fish, coral reef, etc

Underwater digital videos at sharks cove of rock walking, cave diving, and animal life including dolphins, turtles, eels, sharks, manta rays, fish, coral reef, etc

Blogs, Advice and Comments about the listed Activites and People.

Maps and Directions for each activity.  Includes photos of trail heads, signs, warnings, etc.

Surf, Tide, and weather report for suring and diving conditions.

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Date: March 17, 2007
Name: Kristi Newman
Home: Seattle, WA
Comments: Hey Merlin, the site is awesome! I wanna go rock climbing... among other Hawaiian adventures you've opened my eyes to!

Date: March 13, 2007
Name: Nic & Heidi Clark
Home: Kauai'i, Hawaii in 2 weeks!!!
Comments: Hey Merman, did you get Heidi or my emails? I took a job in Kauaii for a year then we move to Oahu. We are moving in 2 weeks!

Date: March 06, 2007
Name: Brad H
Home: Washing machine DC
Comments: Great photos. I would rather be doing that than my taxes.

Date: March 05, 2007
Name: Jesse Palmer
Home: Irvine, CA
Comments: Hey. Sounds like you've found a lot of the fun stuff to do around Laie. I grew up there and am in California now for grad school. My brothers Adam and Christian are there now. Very cool pics. Not to be nitpicky, but you've mispelled some of the Hawaiian place names. Koloa gulch, without an okina, Malaekahana falls. You should check out Kaipapau gulch. There's a nice trail up the gulch to a falls. Also, if you take some ropes (maybe a 20 ft, and 40 ft) up to Laie falls you can climb down several falls.

Date: Feb 07, 2007
Name: Tailee Dean
Comments: Merlin, for no reason at all, you are my favorite person of the day just because I think you are the coolest

Date: Feb 01, 2007
Name: Jason Snelson DUH!
Comments: Hey, thanks for the Ultimate comments, they tugged at my heartstrings since they mostly apply to me (NO skill). I love you.

Date: Jan 18, 2007
Name: Tailee
Comments: Hey Merlin, When are you going to put the pictures of turtle falls on here?

Date: Jan 02, 2007
Name: Randy
Comments: Merlin, dude, you gotta update your site more often. If not for yourself then for those of us who are living vicariously thru you.

Date: Dec 31, 2006
Name: Ammon
Home: Hong Kong SAR, China
Comments: hapi Nu Ear!!!!

Date: Dec 27, 2006
Name: Hayley Mitchell
Home: NV, USA
Comments: The pictures are really neat! It's like Tarzan's home. It looks so much like a jungle! I really like the waterfalls. Seeing pictures of Merlin's family makes me wonder, Who's who? They're all grown up!

Date: Dec 14, 2006
Name: Dave
Home: USA
Comments: Merlin, Thanks so much for keeping this site up. I love taking a few minutes every couple of weeks and checking out your new stuff. In a very large way, I'm able to live vicariously through you! Thanks buddy, Dave

Date: Dec 08, 2006
Name: Carly Phillips
Home: Iowa
Comments: Hi Merlin- I dont have a address or # for ya so I will send Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas here :) May the New Year be even more phenomenal than this one ( and knowing you and your adventures it will be)

Date: Nov 17, 2006
Name: Chris Justice
Home: Orem, Utah
Comments: Your Bishop (Dave Keala) sent me your website and I am very impressed with what you have done. My family just spent a wonderful week there and came out to Laie a few times. Your photography skills are commendable. You do great work. My son Ben and I also did the shark cage and will do it again when we return to the Islands. Keep up the good work. Study hard at school. And most important, listen to your Bishop. He is a great man.

Date: Nov 12, 2006
Name: Ana Wright
Home: Olympia, WA, U.S.
Comments: Your website is easily navigable. I lke that one is able to look pictures up by event, person, etc. Great Idea! I am Lacey Kay's long time friend. Its been years since we've seen one another but becuae of you I can see her whenever I want and see her doing wonderful things. Sincerely, Ana Wright

Date: Oct 16, 2006
Name: Carly
Home: I ow a USA
Comments: Just heard about the big earthquake on the big island!!! Hope you are ok!

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