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Underwater digital photos at sharks cove of rock walking, cave diving, and animal life including dolphins, turtles, eels, sharks, manta rays, fish, coral reef, etc

Underwater digital videos at sharks cove of rock walking, cave diving, and animal life including dolphins, turtles, eels, sharks, manta rays, fish, coral reef, etc

Blogs, Advice and Comments about the listed Activites and People.

Maps and Directions for each activity.  Includes photos of trail heads, signs, warnings, etc.

Surf, Tide, and weather report for suring and diving conditions.

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Diving NorthShore
Diving South & West
Falls, Kaipapa'u
Falls, Ko'loa (Turtle)
Falls, Laie
Falls, Ma'akua (7 Falls)
Falls, Malaekahana
Falls, Manoa
Falls, Maunawili
Falls, Sacred
Falls, Waimano
Hike, Chinaman's Hat
Hike, Crouching Lion
Hike, Hauula Loop
Hike, Kahana Valley
Hike, Ko'olau Summit
Island, Big
Island, Kauai
Island, Maui
Pounders Beach
Random (Active)
Random (Passive)
Rock Climbing
Rope Swing
Scuba, Mahi/Plane
Shark Cage
Slip N Slide
Spear Fishing
Stairway To Heaven
Waimea Waves

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Jared at Puaena Point, Haleiwa Jared and his girls at Ko'loa Falls Ko'loa Falls Sign at Trail Head Memorial for Jonathan Taylor who drowned in a flash flood in the Ko'loa Gulch in February of 1994. View of Laie before the trail drops down into the stream. Trail head at the end of the dirt road. Ko'loa Stream Randy as usual - surrounded by women. One short climb before reaching the waterfall. Hiking Ko'loa Gulch Trail (3.4 miles). Ko'loa Falls Ko'loa Falls, Jenne, Tailee in front.  Lauren, Lisa, Kaylee, Perla, Valerie.  Randy and Merlin in back. Located a Geocache along the way.  Found a few letters, maps, and treasures.  Left most of it and added a carabiner. On the Ko'loa Trail. Sarah, Bracken, & Katie This is a serious game. Chillin at Waimea I love bashketball. I love cotton candy! I love swimming at Waimea! I love volleyball I love old men! Surfing at Boilers in Laie Brackens brand new epoxy fun board.  He's lovin life. Turtle Bay Randy at Left-overs break on North Shore Bracken at Left-overs break on North Shore Little Jared - paddling for his life. Climbing at Kiana Point Rock Climbing at Kiana Point Surfing at Castles Break Dropping in at Left Overs Break Lacey slacking Go Sarah Bracken on the slackline Lacey at Bikini Beach Lacey slacking at dusk. Bracken climbing the 3rd waterfall at Ma'akua Gulch Bracken ascending the 4th waterfall at Ma'akua Katie and Suzanne on the Ma'akua Trail Suzanne and Katie in the Ma'akua Gulch (almost at first waterfall). Trying not to get wet - it was inevitable. Suzanne ascending the second waterfall. Katie ascending the 2nd waterfall. Mer and Suzanne on 3rd waterfall in the Ma'akua. Dang! Dang Katie!  Hardcore 4th Waterfall 4th Waterfall On the trail to the Ma'akua falls Trying to stay dry while heading upstream. Ian and Bracken ascend the first waterfall. Ian climbing the second waterfall in the Ma'akua Gulch. The 3rd waterfall. Ian takes a break to flash the Shaka. Waterfall number 4 Breaktime at waterfall #5 Rappelling falls #3 Rambo, I mean Ian rappelling falls #3. Road that leads to the Trail Head Trail starts next to the water tower. Trail crosses this random stone wall. Lauren on Kaipapa'u Gulch Trail On the Kaipapa'u Gulch Trail Sarah and Jada on the Kaipapa'u Gulch Trail.  The majority of the first mile and half of the trail is under the canopy and fairly well maintained. The last 2 miles is mostly through the stream and requires a lot of rock-hopping. Most of the second two-thirds of the hike is through the stream bed.  Quite slippery - a few banged up shins and feet on this hike. Fungi Kaipapa'u Falls Kaipapa'u Falls Kaipapa'u Falls Me and Jada!<br>Kaipapa'u Falls P-Ditty and Jada climbing around - and Lauren (in the water). Lauren, Jada, and Perla going for a swim at Kaipapa'u Falls I'm a dirty Asian